Prepublicacions i Informes de Recerca del Departament d'Informàtica. Any 1998.

  1. A Characterization of 1-Perfect Additive Codes
    J.Borges, J.Rifà
  2. Uniform Quantization of Laplacian Sources with Applications to Image Coding
    J.Minguillón, J.Pujol
  3. A Flexible Memory Block Recovering Strategy Using Mixed Error Control Techniques
    Octavian Dumitru Mocanu, Joan Oliver
  4. Error-Correcting Codes for QAM from Rings of Integers of a Complex Algebraic Number Field
    J. Rifà, M. Villanueva
  5. Fractal Analysis and its Applications in Human Palaentology
    Josep M. Arqués
  6. Nominal and Robust Stability in Receding-Horizon Predictive Control
    D. Megías and J. Serrano
  7. Performance Comparison of Dynamic Load-Balancing Strategies for Distributed Computing
    A. Cortés, A. Ripoll, M.A. Senar and E. Luque
  8. On the convergence of SID and DASUD load-balancing algorithms
    A.Cortés, A. Ripoll, M.A. Senar, F.Cedó and E. Luque
  9. An Introduction to Electronic Voting Schemes
    A. Riera