Error-Correcting Codes for QAM from Rings of Integers of a Complex Algebraic Number Field.

J.Rifà and M. Villanueva

Abstract. In this paper we present new error-correcting block codes for two-dimensional signals constellations, such as QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation). The special interest of these new block codes is that they can correct one error in each component of the codewords, with only one redundant symbol. So, it gives us a transmission rate R=(N-1)/N, where N is the length of the block codes. We also proof that these new block codes can be constructed for any Euclidean complex quadratic field. Some examples and simulation results when we use an additive Gaussian Channel are given.

Key words. Number fields, QAM signals, error-correcting codes.

Registration: PIRDI-4/98, January 1998.

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