Parallel discrete event simulation. State of the art and bibliography.

M. Serrano, R.L. Suppi, E.Luque

Abstract. This report introduces parallel discrete event simulation (PDES), its basis and simulation principles, as the mechanisms by which simulation time is advanced, or the levels of parallelism/distribution, and the different simulation models. PDES mechanisms broadly fall in two categories: conservative (blocking until safe to process) and optimistic (let it run) . They can be considered as the ends of a full range of strategies. In this report we introduce and develop a full study of two algorithms: Chandy-Misra-Bryant (CMB) and Time Warp (TW) to compare both opposite strategies and trying to show the advantages and pitfalls they present, and some of the solutions offered in the bibliography.

Key words. PDES, parallel discrete event simulation, conservative/optimistic mechanisms.

Registration: PIRDI-1/99, February 1999.

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